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 User Friendly Features 

  • Variable speed day trading simulations to practice few years of day trading in few weeks, risk free.

  • Simulates  100+ of  stocks, currencies, and futures.

  • Many years of data on many different instruments available from our server to test risk free.

  • Allows continuous day trading over days/weeks.

  • Best of all Rewind/Forward features.

  • Offers custom indicators line studies . Users can add technical indicators via the menu and indicator property dialog. 

  • Supports the popular stock chart display styles: Candlestick, OHLC. Each of these chart styles is updated tick by tick, just like real-time.

  • Simultaneous view of multiple time frames.

  • Provision to delete pending/executed orders.

  • Supports all the popular order types (Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Limit, MIT, FOK, OCO)

  • A complete set of tools to draw trend lines, circles, rectangles, insert text/markers etc. on the chart.

  • A ‘Control Panel’ access to frequently used features/commands and profit/loss display that is updated with every tick.

  • Fully customization of interface (scaling, grid, colors etc.) and trading parameters to suit different needs

  • Uses double buffering – this means you will see absolutely NO screen flickering.

  • An unlimited number of series can be displayed in just one chart.

  • Windowing system allows resizing, changing positions up/down, maximizing/minimizing, restore, 

  • Chart windows can be are fully customized. Change height, colors, styles and more.

  • Simulator manipulates screen graphics super-fast and efficiently without a 3rd party graphics engine.

  • Zoom in/out, scroll left/right via the control panel.

  • Export chart images to file (can be displayed on the web) or send to a printer.

  • Users can save/load charts, restoring data, indicators, colors, drawings, period objects and more.

  • Many other useful features.

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