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 How to install data file 

Please follow the instructions below to use the products you downloaded/will download.

If Downloading files:

– Click on the download link
– Select ‘Save As’
– Navigate to the desktop by pressing up-arrow and save the file on the desktop
– If your file got saved without asking for a location (browser dependent) then probably it was saved on your desktop. It will be a .htm or a .zip depending on the product.

Installing the data files:

– Click on the links and download the files on your desktop as per instructions above.
– Make a directory on the desktop called ‘RapidSPData’
– Move all the downloaded files to this directory
– Unzip the files in to their respective folders by right clicking on each file
-If it’s a setup.exe (or similar file) double click on it to install.

Using the files:

– Start the RapidSP trading simulator software
– Click ‘File’ ‘Open’ and navigate (up-arrow) to the above directory on the desktop.
– Select the data file you want to trade.

Please contact us at in case of any difficulties downloading or installing the files.

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